YORK , A Johnson Controls Company is the largest manufacturer and supplier

of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC&R) products in the world with an annual turnover of $ 25 billion. We have a presence in more than 150 countries worldwide with 34 global manufacturing facilities to cater all critical applications including Healthcare, Data centers, Airports, Infrastructure, Commercial Buildings, Industrial applications, etc. Our product range stretches from the smallest 3 TR (10.5 KW) Air Cooled Scroll Chiller with the largest single 8,500 TR (29.90 MW) Centrifugal Chiller unit. This allows us to offer optimum solutions for your Cooling requirements.

Efficiency-optimized Heating and Cooling for Best-in-class Performance


01. Exceeding Efficiency Standards

The YORK® Amichi™ Series Air-cooled DC Inverter Scroll Chiller and Heat Pump have been designed to meet tomorrow’s efficiency standards today. Delivering performance beyond typical chiller and heat pump efficiency levels

02. No-Compromise Performance

The YORK® Amichi™ Series is a no-compromise solution for a variety of climates and locations. Built specifically to deliver better performance through a wider operating envelope, the Amichi™ chiller and heat pump can maintain efficiency in a variety of conditions.

03. Advanced Control Made Easy

Comfort, productivity and up to half of the energy used in your building – these are all factors affected by how your chiller operates and how it interacts with other components in your HVAC&R system to help maximize efficiency and keep you in control.

04. A History of Reliability

With the YORK® Amichi™ Series Air-cooled Scroll Chiller and Heat Pump, we’re building on our legacy of cooling solutions and technology leadership. We don’t judge success based on theoretical findings, but real-world experience.